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Message Sniffer New Annual Subscription

Thank you for subscribing to Message Sniffer. A Message Sniffer subscription includes:

You will need one authorized instance for each copy of Message Sniffer you will be running on your equipment. If you already have a license id and would like to add a new server, please use the Additional Instance form.

Step 1: Sign Up for 30 Day Free Trial!Step 2: Download Software!Step 3: Install Software on Your Server!Step 4: Purchase a Subscription!

Be sure to include your correct E-mail address on your order form. Your software, all updates, and support information will be delivered to that address. Please use an address that is hosted on a system that you personally manage. Message Sniffer is designed to be installed on an email server or filtering appliance. We will NOT fill orders with email addresses from hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.

By submitting this form you agree to the Message Sniffer Terms Of Service and License Agreement .

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The cost of the a Message Sniffer Subscription is $495/instance/yr. If you have qualified for the SMB Rate ($199/instance/yr) or the SOHO Rate ($99/instance/yr), please refer to your trial notifications for instructions to claim this rate. Questions? Send us a note at billing@armresearch.com.
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