Ignore List

The GBUdb ignore list is intended to tell SNF/GBUdb where your infrastructure stops and the outside world begins. ALL of your gateways should be listed in the ignore list.

SNF determines the source of the message by locating the first Received header that is not in the ignore list.

More specifically -- the first Received IP that is not in GBUdb with the ignore flag set. The ignore list is a convenient way to ensure that your infrastructure is always set properly in the GBUdb - it is imported each time the configuration is reloaded by SNFServer (any time there is a change or restart).

Please be sure that all of your gateways or other trusted infrastructure that may appear in the Received headers is represented in the ignore list.

Also - you can zero the existing erroneous statistics by using the command line utility:

SNFClient -set <IP4address> ignore 0 0


Once your ignore list is set up properly your GBUdb will be able to differentiate the actual message sources and collect appropriate statistics on them.

If you missed this step in the setup then you may want to start over.

  1. Shut down SNFServer (do this cleanly using SNFClient -shutdown and waiting for SNFServer to exit).
  2. With SNFServer stopped delete the GBUdb database file (.gbx) from the SNF workspace.
  3. Restart SNFServer. It will create a new .gbx file and begin learning fresh statistics.
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