About Us

The headline read:

AppRiver Joins Forces with Email Security Technology Visionary Peter McNeil; Companies to Co-Own Message Sniffer™ Spam Detection Engine

- and ARM Research Labs was born...

In the summer of 2005, AppRiver and MicroNeil partnered to create a third company that would leverage their combined talents and resources:

ARM Research Labs, LLC (ARM) is a privately funded research and development group created to push forward the boundaries of computing and communications technologies and develop powerful, real-world solutions derived from first hand experience and advanced technologies.

We have an "eyes wide open", goal driven approach that allows us to focus on what really works and follow that path wherever it leads us. After all -- if you could build anything you wanted, what would it be? Our Inspiration is derived from a common desire to deliver the benefits of advanced technology through reliable, practical, affordable solutions.

As a cooperative partnership of active, industry experts, ARM has the resources to draw upon live real-world data, the imagination to explore new ideas, and the drive to capitalize on what we learn. We live "in the trenches" with our customers and partners. This first-hand experience and insight guides our development efforts and directs our focus.

Our goal is to provide truly advanced solutions that open new opportunities, solve real problems, work reliably and affordably, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage.