This section controls how messages are identified in the scan logs. Generally, when a message is scanned the name of the message is provided by the calling application.

In most applications, the message is scanned using the scanMessageFile() API and the identity of the message will be the path provided to the message file. This is particularly true of installations that use the command line SNFServer and SNFClient software.

If the application provides a memory buffer containing the message to be scanned then it will use the scanMessage() API and will provide a string to identify the message such as a serial number.

The <identifier/> feature provides the option of using the Message-Id: header contents to identify the message in log files. This option provides a reasonably consistent choice in applications where there is no other ready name for the message - such as when the message file is a random temp file name that won't be related to other log data.

By default the force-message-id as identifier option is off.

<identifier force-message-id='no'/> 

To turn on the force-message-id identifier option use this configuration:

<identifier force-message-id='yes'/> 

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