<workspace path='c:/SNF/'/>

This path indicates the directory where the SNFMulti engine can do its work and store snap-shots of its site. In most installations, this is also the directory where the SNF software and utilities are stored. Here are some files that the SNFMulti engine might store in this directory:

  • <licenseid>.gbx - Snap-shot of the GBUdb datbase. This is reloaded on startup.
  • .state - Snap-shot of the SNFMulti engine state.
  • .handshake - Snap-shot of the evolving security message for SYNC authentication.
  • UpdateReady.txt - Semaphore file to signal that a new .snf file is available.

Applications built upon the SNFMulti engine are also expected to store various state & other working data in this location. See the specific application's documentation for details.

Please email support@armresearch.com with any questions.

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